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The Physio Workshop are a team of Chartered physios, all registered with the
Health Care Professions Council.

The Physio Workshop aims to deliver a range of up to date treatments that obtain their foundations from sound medical research. If you are unsure please message or call us, we would be delighted to discuss your needs.

How we can help

Spinal Injuries

Our bread & butter! From putting your back out gardening to a crook in the neck. We can manage disc bulges and prolapses, sciatica and headaches, surgery and injections.


All types of rehab for all types of injuries. Sports injury rehab from the sprained joints of a weekend warrior to post surgical rehab for elite sports men/women. Frozen shoulders, tennis elbows, tendonitis and many more.

Accident Recovery

We can provide rehab for medico-legal claims, accidents at work, road traffic accidents and repetitive strain injuries.


Rehab for post surgical procedures. Joint replacements, cartilage/ACL repairs, arthroscopies and fractures.


We can treat ladies in all stages of pregnancy, children of all ages (chaperone required up to age of 16), elderly patients (65yo to 100+) concessions for 16 and under and 65 and over.


Manual Therapy

The cornerstone of Physio, yet so often overlooked. Are you tired of seeking help only to be given an exercise sheet and told to get on with it? As important as exercises are, we believe expert manual therapy is the first port of call. We use a combination of deep massage, trigger point release, joint mobilisation, muscle energy tech, manipulation.


We can provide ultrasound (high frequency soundwaves to aid healing) interferential (electrical stimulation for pain relief/muscle relaxation/improved healing)


Some of our therapists take a special interest in acupuncture for pain relief and energy balance.


We can provide biomechanical assessment of the body and where necessary custom designed and fitted orthotics (insoles).

TaiIored exercise prescription

We can liaise with all types of exercise professionals to customise exercise plans for rehab, fitness or preventative care.

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